Recently David Gelernter, the founder of Mirror Worlds and a well renowned computer scientist, author and professor laid out his plans to replace Facebook. He declared his resounding issues with Facebook in a post he published on Medium. He unveiled his plans to create a blockchain equivalent of facebook in order to rival the overlord, called Revolution Populi. Which will be a social network that focuses on democratic decision making and individual data ownership. 

David Gelernter in an interview with Wired said that he looked at it as an opportunity to take action against an issue that has long since been prevalent, with respect to people not having a say about what happens with their data. He also added,

“Who owns the cyber landscape? Do we all own it, or do five incredibly rich people in California?” 

The idea that Gelernter is advocating is practically a “new public square”, where everybody will own their own data and will be able to sell access to it for cryptocurrency. The blockchain aspect of this technology come into play here as the rules will be based on a democratic voting system [like the US constitution] and can only be changed by user votes. It will also have support for a dApp ecosystem and Gelernter’s team will be leading off with their own app, which will start as a music streaming platform where users pay artists directly. They don’t plan on stopping just there as they plan on becoming a hub for TV, social media, movies, music and even web search. 

Gelernter has a reputation as a software Guru for being ahead of the technological curve, where he started off by working on data mining and parallel computing. He built a social networking site called lifestream back in the day, through which document and messages could be arranged, sorted and shared with others. Although he failed to successfully commercialize it, his ideas for it were patented and owned by his company Mirror Worlds. Which later went on to sue giants like Microsoft, Apple and Facebook for infringing on its patents with similar streaming services they offered [Facebook’s timeline, Apple’s Spotlight and Time Machine]. 

Gelernter plans on bringing his new vision as the ‘Chief Visionary Officer’ for Revolution Populi to fruition through the means of an ICO. Despite the project being in its infancy he wants the public to get involved and set the ball rolling for such projects in the future that will directly compete against tech giants like Facebook. He said,

“Five years from now, there are going to be well-established Facebook competitors of the sort that don’t exist now. They need to exist; they will exist.”

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