In a press release on July 2nd, multinational giant Nestlé announced their partnership with OpenSC, a food tracking platform using blockchain. It allows consumers to access the supply chain data in order to trace their food right back to the farm. It plans to use the same process in order to track milk from farms in New Zealand to the warehouses and factories in the Middle East. 

OpenSC is a blockchain based food tracking platform developed in partnership between WWF-Australia and BCG Digital Ventures. The aim of this is to allow consumers and businesses to develop a better relationship by being transparent with them. Like giving customers information about how the goods/food was produced, how it reached them and information about its social and environmental credentials.

Nestlé, with the help of aerospace company Airbus Defense and Space has been trying to track the impact the palm oil industry has on forest covers by using Starling satellite tech. They plan on eventually using the OpenSC blockchain in the palm oil sourcing process through which they can tackle deforestation that results from over exploitation. 

Executive Vice President and Head of Operations at Nestlé S.A, Magdi Batato said,

“We want our consumers to make an informed decision on their choice of products — to choose products produced responsibly. Open blockchain technology might allow us to share reliable information with consumers in an accessible way.”

Nestlé is one of the first multinational giants that started using blockchain in their ecospace back in 2017. They teamed up with IBM Food Trust to achieve this and in 2018 the French multinational retailer Carrefour joined the trust and started allowing customers to trace Mousline purée from Nestlé factories in northern France to Carrefour stores. 

Global Head of Responsible Sourcing for Nestlé, Benjamin Ware, explained how the partnership is going to be beneficial to their customers,

 “This open blockchain technology will allow anyone, anywhere in the world to assess our responsible sourcing facts and figures”. 

He also added, “We believe it is another important step towards the full disclosure of our supply chains announced by Nestlé in February this year, raising the bar for transparency and responsible production globally.”

Through this collaboration, Nestlé becomes the first major food and beverage company to announce that it will pilot open blockchain technology in this way. This is part of Nestlé’s journey towards full transparency, to prove that their products are sustainable and come from an ethical source through blockchain. 

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