The African blockchain conference which is to be held on the 3rd and 4th of July will have among many notable personalities the famous Ai ‘Sophia’ in attendance. The conference which will take place at the Kampala Serena Hotel is expected to have the President of Uganda and Sierra Leone President, HE Julius Maasa Bio, in order to discuss the technological advancements and innovations in Africa.  

From her introduction back in February of 2016, she has gained wide scale recognition for displaying a multitude of feats which very closely mimic human behaviour. Like being able to display over 50 facial expressions and was the first non human to receive a United Nations title. Sophia was also the first robot ever to be granted citizenship by a country (Saudi Arabia).

The Africa Blockchain Conference 2019 organized by the Blockchain Association of Uganda and CryptoSavannah with the support of the Ministry of ICT, will be dedicated to the 4th Industrial Revolution. This conference will revolve around what Africa must do in order to take full advantage of the upcoming revolution in order to thrive in this economy. 

The Tech Expo and Conference is expected to host around 3000 people from both the private and public sector. Topics to deliberate over at the conference will include, payment systems, fintech, the future of work and education and above all Africa’s readiness for the 4th Industrial Revolution. It will also include a vibrant roster of 50 speakers, some of whom include, Sheikh Khaled Al Nehayan, Chairman Bin Zayed Group, Mohamed Taysir, CEO Drakon Tech Solutions, Toro Orero, Partner QI Holdings, Ian Balina, Founder 100X Advisors.

In light of Sophia attending the Blockchain Conference, Kwame Rugunda, the Chairman of the Blockchain Association of Uganda said,

“We are pleased to be hosting Sophia at this year’s Conference. She highlights many of the topics of interest that will be discussed at the Conference and shows how technology is enriching humanity. It’s human-like appearance and ability to express emotions will be a major attraction for all those that will be in attendance. Sophia also featured at this year’s Transform Africa Summit that happened in Kigali, Rwanda.”

Sophia is seen as the best representative for displaying how far Ai has come since its genesis and how powerful of a tool it can be, especially in showcasing our progress in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Many analysts have even speculated the need for Ai to adopt blockchain in its ecosystem for massive adoption and use cases. 

In an interview with Business Insider, Sophia when asked what her job was, responded by saying,

“I really want to make a difference in the future and try and help people to develop empathy and respect each other. We’re lots alike.”

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to hear her thoughts on the African Blockchain Conference and see how much her technology has grown (hopefully not enough to put us in a Blade Runner type of situation). 

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