After announcing his $4.5 million charity lunch with Warren Buffet, Justin Sun went on to announce that TRON (TRX) is ranked 13th in GitHub with 1258 commits. Which is higher than Ethereum (ETH) at 511 commits and EOS at 311 commits as reported by CryptoMiso.

According to, on #Github in past 6 months, #TRON ranked 13 with 1258 commits which already surpassed #ETH (511 commits) and #EOS (311 commits). Hard work always shows! We don’t take it as progress, it’s just a beginning. #TRON onwards. #TRX $TRX— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) June 18, 2019

Further adding,

“Hard work always shows! We don’t take it as progress, it’s just a beginning.”

From the time of announcement, GitHub commits have gone up to 3,762 and brought TRON’s ranking to the 11th position.

Although the numbers for TRON looks great on GitHub, Twitteratis had other things to say about it…

@smartiota wrote,

“Quantity doesn’t equal quality. Anyone can do a lot of nonsense. SIR.”

Bringing a lot of TRON’s activity into question, which plagued it right from its genesis. Especially since critics claim TRON’s vision for BTT (BitTorrent token) is nothing more than a marketing ploy with no solid evidence to back it up.

This skepticism was only fortified when the co-founder and CTO of blockchain protocol TRON (TRX), Lucien Chen announced he is leaving the project on May 10th. In his announcement he said that TRON was no longer faithful to its founding principle of decentralized web and that it was becoming more and more centralized. Stating his concern about TRON’s Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) saying,

“The DPOS mechanism of Tron is pseudo-decentralized. The top 27 SR nodes (block nodes) have more than 170 million TRX votes, and most of them are controlled by Tron. It’s hard for other latecomers to become block nodes, so they cannot participate in the process of block production.”

This conflicting contradictions between co-founder Justin Sun and himself made him leave the project. Which diluted the people’s trust in TRON’s vision and Justin Sun himself.

Other Twiterrati’s mocked Justin Sun on his choice of metric for determining the success of TRON by saying,

“Any developer will only laugh at how ridiculous metric a commit is.” -Priyeshu Garg [@priyeshugarg]

Justin Sun’s critics are rising by the day because despite all the lunches and the GitHub commits, TRX fails to increase by any significant amount.

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