Roger Ver the promoter of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and widely known as Bitcoin Jesus was again mocked by Twitteratis for his beliefs against taxation. The legality of the income tax code has been upheld in the US court time and again. Many citizens avoid paying high taxes which Internal Revenue Service [IRS] calls “frivolous tax arguments”.

Many of these are misinterpretations of laws or of the Constitution. However, the IRS recognizes that taxpayers have rights regarding their tax situations and welcomes people to clear their doubts regarding the same.

On 12th June, Roger Ver stood up against taxation and tweeted:

Taxation is a clear violation of the non-aggression principle.— Roger Ver (@rogerkver) June 12, 2019

Along with this Roger added a picture of Lysander Spooner an American political philosopher and strong advocate of the labor movement with his quote that said:

“If taxation without consent is not robbery, then any band of robbers have [sic] only to declare themselves a government, and all their robberies are legalized.”

Additionally, the post also said, “Read Lysander Spooner. There is a reason State Indoctrination Institutions do not discuss his writings. [sic]”. Roger tagged the official account of the US Department of Education, Foundation of Economic Education, Ron Paul – Former Congressman and even US Senator of Kentucky – Rand Paul on the same post.

Roger Ver supports Bcash which was earlier marketed as the “Real Bitcoin”. His views on taxation are supported by his beliefs with cryptocurrencies that stand for financial independence. Ver, used Twitter as a medium to share his opinions on taxation but unfortunately was mocked by Twitteratis.

Xrisovalandis [ @Xrisovalandis31 ], a Twitter user said:

“Dude, what a nonsense. As if the legitimation to collect taxes just depends on calling your self a „government“…”

Satoshi’s Disciple (₿) [@Satoshis_D]. another Twitterati said:

” The only daylight robbery I see round here is Bitcoin Cash asking for donations. At least taxes are spend on more meaningful things. [sic] “

While some stood against Roger, some stood with him.

CryptoHour [@CryptoHour], said:

“Sometimes Roger makes sense

Pulled my clothes on. All taxed.
Fuel in my car, 80% of the fuel is robbed by tax
Working for a client tax to pay on his payment

The guy that robbed me at a cash machine 2 years ago for £200 took less than the government this morning by 9.30am”

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